Pantos Logistics aims to join the ranks of world-famous logistics businesses based on an innovative mindset and a willingness to face every challenge.


  • 2019
    10Obtained integrated information protection ISMS-P certification firstly in the logistics industry
    09Concluded MOU with Russian TransContainer
    07Established a subsidiary in Hungary
    01Certified as a green logistics company
    01Established a subsidiary in Sweden
    01Freight forwarder grade increased (A→AA), Acquired AEO Certification as a bonded area operator
    05Relocated company headquarters to LG Gwanghwamun Bldg.
    01Established Nigeria Corp.
    01Established "Hanultari Co., Ltd.', a standard work place for persons with disabilities
    11Opened eCommerce Platform 'ePantos'
    07Established Great America Trans. inc. in the US
    05Launched Air Freight Platform "One Cube"
    04Changed the company name to Pantos Logistics
    03Signed MOU with Kazakhstan KTZ Express
    03Selected as services provider for global specialized area (logistics) consulting with the Association of High Potential Enterprises of Korea
    02Acquired AEO Certification in Thailand
    01Established Argentina Corp.
    01Acquired AEO Certification in Hong Kong
    08Established USA Corp.
    08Merger of Pantos Logistics and HiLogistics
    04Signed a business agreement for global specialized area (logistics) consulting with the Association of High Potential Enterprises of Korea
    03Started operation of air charter between Korea and China
    02Became logistics provider for AB Inbev and Ebay
    12Appointment of Choi Won-hyok as CEO
    11Selected as Global Procurement Leader by KOTRA
    11Acquisition of HiLogistics (logistics subsidiary of LG Electronics)
    09Signed MOU with Chinese logistics company Sinotrans
    07Started logistics services for Hankook Tires Netherlands
    06Signed MOU with KOTRA for overseas logistics support
    05Became an affiliate of LG Group
    04Signed MOU with Chinese logistics company 4PX
  • 2014
    07Signed MOU with Zhejiang Jiabao Logistics Co., Ltd.
    07Acquired Hankook Tire’s Netherlands logistics center
    02Received AEO Certification in Spain
    10Opened Pyeongtaek Logistics Center
    08Established Myanmar Corp.
    08Signed MOU with Nichirin Co., Ltd.
    07Signed MOU with Bondex Logistics Co., Ltd.
    04Pantos Logistics HQ acquired AEO Certification
    03Acquired AEO Certification in Shanghai, China
    02Opened global total logistics system “Pantos GSI”
    12Ranked as the No.1 logistics company in Indonesia customer satisfaction
    10Established the Far East logistics center in Russia
    06Acquired AEO Certification in Poland
    05Established the 2nd Indonesian logistics center
    02Established the Laemchabang logistics center in Thailand
    01Established the 2nd Incheon Airport logistics center
    01Established the Philippines Corp.
    12Certified as a total logistics company by the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs
    09Received AEO Certification in Germany and Benelux
    09Established Kenya Corp.
    08Received ISO 14001 Certification
    03Received ISO 28000 Certification in Hong Kong
    12Established Egypt Branch.
    12Established South Africa Branch.
    12Established Panama Branch.
    04Announced VISION 2020


  • 2009
    01Established Saudi Arabia Corp.
    06Established Oman Corp.
    12Certified as total logistics company
    03Opened Sihwa Logistics Center
    11Opened Incheon Airport Logistics Center
    04Established Benelux Corp.
    04China LG Electronics Logistics O/S
    03Established Moscow, Dubai, and Kiev Branch.
    03Established Kazakhstan Corp.
    01Established Austria Branch.
  • 2004
    08Established Poland and France Branch.
    12Established United Kingdom Branch.(Incorporated in September 2004)
    10Received the Prize of Korean Logistics Honor
    02Announced VISION 2010
    12Received ISO 9001:2000 Certification
    09Established China Beijing Branch.
    06Established Amsterdam Branch.
    01LG Electronics overseas logistics O/S
    09Established China Shanghai Shed Corp.(FNS, SHA)
    09LG Chemical overseas logistics O/S
    04Established Gimpo bonded shed for sales purpose
    09Established Ansan bonded shed for sales purpose and the Pyeongtaek HUB warehouse
    02Established Hong Kong Corp. and Dalian / Shimyang Office


  • 1999
    07Commenced customs clearance business
    12Established the bonded shed, and commenced bonded transportation business
    01Opened Tokyo Branch.
    12Changed the company name to PanKorea Express
    10Registered as a multimodal transportation business
    02Established Bumhan Huengsan Corporation(Air cargo agency)