Ethics Hotline

This is where you report unreasonable demands, corruption, irregularities, etc. of Pantos Logistics' employees. Your reporting will be the foundation of Pantos Logistics.

Ethics Hotline

Matters to Be Reported

  • Acts of bribery
    Monetary rewards, treats / entertainment, conveniences, borrowing, debt redemption,
    joint surety, cash loan, and any guarantee for future
  • Having unfair stakes
    in partner companies
    Taking shares, investment, joint investment and acquiring common properties
  • Lack of transparency
    in the selection of partner companies
    Providing unfair opportunities, unfair transactions, and leakage of supplier information
  • Illegal / unjust use
    of company assets
    Using tangible / intangible assets for improper purposes, embezzlement, and misappropriation
  • Document manipulation and false report
    Accounting fraud, information fabrication
  • Others
    Delinquency of duties, improper management, exceeding one’s authority, injury to dignity, etc.

Informant Protection

Pantos Logistics shall not and will not disclose the identity of an informant or any type of information that can be a hint of it without his / her previous consent. Pantos Logistics shall be held responsible for any damages caused by the failure to comply with this principle.

  1. 1. Person Subject to Protection

    In principle, protection shall be provided when an informant submits a report under his / her real name and clear evidence. Information about an informant and relevant stakeholders shall be thoroughly protected.

  2. 2. Protection Policy
    • An informant and his / her report shall be strictly kept confidential in the Jeong-Do Management Department, and the report system shall be protected by a safe security system. The report shall be handled by a limited number of people who took an oath of secrecy.
    • In cases where disadvantages or punishments are given to an informant due to his/her report, restoration to the original state or equivalent compensation shall be provided.
    • If an informant reports corruption and irregularities that he / she involved in, it will be reasonably handled by sufficiently mitigating circumstances.