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Hong Kong Corp. wins AEO certificate!

Hong Kong Corp. wins AEO certificate!

- Expected to enjoy boosted service competitiveness thanks to customs administration benefits, such as simpler customs clearance.

The Hong Kong Corp. of Pantos Logistics has announced that it won the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate from the customs authorities of Hong Kong. This award is a global acknowledgment of safety control systems excellence related to imports and exports.

Devised by the World Customs Organization (WCO) following the 9.11 attack in the U.S., AEO recognizes an organization’s ability to accommodate enhanced trading safety measures. It provides companies in the logistics industry or those engaging in international commerce with customs administration benefits, such as simpler customs clearance through strict reviews of legal compliance, internal control systems, safety controls, and financial stability for customs authorities in the corresponding country.

The certificate is expected to provide the Hong Kong Corp. with numerous customs administrative benefits, such as fewer documents to submit, a lower cargo inspection ratio, and faster customers clearance when receiving or sending cargo through the Hong Kong customs office. Moreover, its officially recognized safety and excellence of logistics services boost public confidence. Lastly, the benefits are applied to customs offices in all countries that have Mutual Recognition Agreements (MRAs) with Hong Kong, which serves to enable diverse, direct, and indirect advantages.

Pantos Logistics is leading the logistics industry’s global standardization by establishing a global standard system and winning renowned certificates in various aspects of logistics services, including quality, security, and environment.