Press Release

Pantos and SBC sign an MOU to support direct overseas sales of SMEs

Director Lee Yong-ho of Pantos Logistics forwarding business (Right) and Director Lee Yong-seung of Small and Medium Business Corporation global marketing are taking a commemorative photograph after singing an MOU at Pantos Logistics' head office in Yeouido on December 21, 2017.

Pantos Logistics (CEO Choi Won-hyok), a global total logistics company, will support direct overseas sales of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in cooperation with the Small and Medium Business Corporation (President Lim chae-un).

Pantos Logistics revealed that it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Small and Medium Business Corporation (SBC) on December 21, 2017 for "invigoration of direct overseas sales support for SMEs".

As a result of the MOU, Pantos Logistics will link its own "EC (e-Commerce) platform" to SBC's "online export integration platform" and provide comprehensive export logistics services to SMEs that join the platform as a member company.

Pantos Logistics' EC (e-Commerce) platform, "ePantos", is an integrated e-Commerce platform that enables sellers to efficiently handle all their global CBT (cross-border trade) business-related tasks in one place, such as international shipping, warehousing services (Fulfillment Center), integrated management of order and delivery, and cancel/return management. Through "ePantos", sellers who sell products online can enjoy benefits: ▲ one-stop order/delivery integrated management; ▲ efficiency of e-business related logistics tasks; ▲ reduced cost/time when expanding global sales channels.

The two parties also agreed to provide preferential services, including international express cost discount, to "online export integration platform" member companies and direct overseas sales companies recommended by SBC and implement logistics consulting and incubation programs. It is anticipated that the efficiency and convenience of direct overseas sales and logistics management of domestic SMEs will be dramatically enhanced, resulting in the strengthening of their direct overseas sales capability.

With the MOU, the two parties plan to continue strengthening collaboration to support the overseas market development of SMEs.