Press Release

Pantos expands logistics business relating to Chinese e-Commerce

Kim Eok-jin in charge of Pantos Logistics International Express Business (Left) and President Oh Chang-kwon of China Post Guangdong Office are taking a commemorative photograph after singing an MOU at the event held at the China Post Guangdong Office on August 28, 2017.

Pantos Logistics (CEO Choi Won-hyok), a global total logistics company, will expand Chinese e-Commerce related logistics business in cooperation with China Post.

Pantos Logistics announced on September 5, 2017 that it signed a strategic business alliance (MOU) with "China Post Guangdong Office" to develop joint products for the international transport of e-Commerce freight from China and establish a strategic partnership.

Guangdong is an area that accounts for about 60% of the total international express freight volume in China, which is the largest e-Commerce market in the world. China Post, which suffered from a shortage of overseas networks despite the largest volume of e-Commerce exports, is now able to strengthen its global logistics competitiveness through this strategic partnership with Pantos Logistics that has 349 global networks around the world.

This is the first time that China Post Guangdong Office has conducted a joint project with a foreign private logistics enterprise.

Through the MOU, the two parties will jointly develop new products in the area of e-Commerce logistics from China to Korea, which means the delivery of Chinese products to Korean consumers. They also plan to enable China Post customers to use the Pantos logistics system by mutually sharing order/shipping information through the linkage of IT platforms of China Post and Pantos Logistics.

In this regard, the two parties are scheduled to release "eSubao", a new shipping product from China to Korea, in September and are currently test-operating trial quantities. "eSubao" is a low-cost international express delivery product for e-Commerce sellers in China. Compared with "EMS" and "Eyobayo", the existing shipping products of China Post, the logistics cost of "eSubao" is 20~50% lower but its transportation lead time is similar. It is also expected to greatly contribute to addressing cargo congestion during the peak season by diversifying the transportation route, which was dependent only on the existing air transportation, to multiple routes, including air and sea (ferry).

Meanwhile, after the release of "eSubao", the two parties will utilize the vast global networks of Pantos Logistics to jointly develop new products relating to e-Commerce delivery from China to the U.S., and Europe and will establish various collaborative measures to create a synergy effect with each other.

Kim Eok-jin in charge of Pantos Logistics International Express Business said, "This business alliance is a good opportunity to generate synergy through mutual cooperation between China Post and Pantos Logistics that has global networks and logistics IT competitiveness. I hope that the utilization of Pantos Logistics' e-Commerce platform will contribute to strengthening competitiveness and improving services for China Post customers."