HR Structure


Our rank system consists of various positions from staff to leader to help employees demonstrate their competencies.

G1 Staff → G2 Assistant Manager → G3A Manager → G3B Deputy General Manager → G4 General Manager

Employment Placement

We place employees by considering what they really want to do.

  • Placement Interview
    Individual interviews and job
    explanation after joining the company
  • CDP Caring
    Job care system according to the short,
    mid, and long-term goals of employees
  • Job Posting
    Job support system through
    corporate offers and the HR system


We fairly evaluate the performance of employees and use the evaluation results to develop and reward employees.

Evaluation → Development, Reward


We have a performance-based reward system to motivate employees.

  • Fixed Pay
    Basic Annual Salary
    Annual salary system
  • Variable Pay 
    Individual Incentive
    Different payment in connection with individual performance
    Management Incentive
    Payment according to the company
    management performance
    (Profit Sharing)